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Free training on the nanotechnology aspects of plastic composites: Tanocomp

Free course developed for the needs of plastics producers and plastics processors who are interested in on-the-job training in the use of nanotechnology in plastics.


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  1. Units: The e-Learning training is divided into four units, that will build up on each other. If you are very new to the subject of plastics production and processing, please start with unit 1. If you are already very familiar with the basics of plastics production and processing, try to start with unit 2. Unit 3 and 4 are only accessible when the exercises of the previous units have been completed successfully.
  2. Exercises: After having revised the content of each unit you can proceed to the unit’s exercise section. A random set of 10 exercises (5 exercises in unit 4) will be presented, to successfully complete the exercises, at least 80% of the questions have to be answered correctly. If you have failed to achieve 80% of the exercises, you can try to complete them again. For each set of exercises, 3 attempts are the maximum allowed.


Professionals and future professionals on plastic sector interested in laying the groundwork and/or expand their knowledge about biobased materials.


Unit I: Basics

Unit 1 is tailored for beginners in plastics production and processing and learners who are not familiar with nanotechnology at all.

1.- Get familiar to nanotechnology terms, definitions, history and research trends.

2.- Introduction to the concept of thermoplastic material and its main processing methods.

3.- Get acquainted to application fields of CNTs and nanotechnology in plastics.

Unit II: Carbon Nanotubes (CNTs) and their use in the plastics sector

Unit 2 for those who have succesfully completed unit 1 and those who are already very familiar to work processes in the production and processing of plastics and have an overall understanding on nanotechnology. Unit 2 will provide you with an overview on carbon nanotubes (CNTs) production methods and technology, CNT properties and application fields of CNT composites with a focus on the benefits of CNTs in plastic products.

1.- Gain an insight on CNTs production method.

2.- Gain clear understanding on CNTs properties.

3.- Getting aware on the benefits of CNTs to the plastics industry.

Unit III: Extrusion & Injection Moulding and incorporation of CNTs

Unit 3 will provide you with an overview on masterbatches with CNTs, ist different compounds and a benefit/cost analysis, the definition of parameters in the processing (extrusion and injection mpoulding) of thermoplastics with CNTs and its challenges.

1.- Get acquainted to general aspects related to masterbatches with CNTs (Definition, costs, production, parameters)

2.- Gaining an overview of extrusion process parameters for processing thermoplastics with CNTs.

3.- Gaining an overview of injection moulding process parameters for processing thermoplastics with CNTs.

4.- Gaining a general understanding on the challenges of CNT properties and thermoplastic production.

Unit IV: Carbon nanotubes: Safety, health and environmental issues

Unit 4 will provide you with details on toxicological and eco-toxicity data on carbon nanotubes (CNTs), the handling of CNTs during synthesis and product development, awareness and good practice in CNT handling and an overview of national and European regulations.

1.- Getting familiar with toxicity aspects of CNTs.

2.- Getting acquainted with safety aspects of handling CNTs during synthesis and production of thermoplastics.

3.- Gaining awareness of good practice in CNT handling.

4.- Gaining an overview of national and European regulations of handling CNTs.